The Bikini Lounge

   Jan 25

“Mamas” Mug – Rise of the Tiki III

Our latest edition from “Rise of the Tiki III” Our God is a woman here and this year’s mug is special tribute. Some jobs give gold watches etc. but something made is WAY better!

The Bikini family has evolved over time but “Our” Wes has endured for nearly 3 decades and this took the chief window licker of the joint to do and try and get the art just right…she approved. We call her “Mamas”. She’s 60$ (both mugs), signed and numbered to 100 only. The mug is approx. 9″ tall and has 2- 16oz vessels for a couple to sip separate cocktails or???

Our out of towners can now email to request an invoice via PayPal to order or drop by the bar any day from 3pm-2am while supplies last.

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